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Business What degrees do a lawyer need?

What degrees do a lawyer need?


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To become a lawyer, you need a Juris Doctor (JD) degree from an American Bar Association-approved law school. This degree is typically a three-year program and prepares you to pass the bar exam, the most important test to earn your legal license.

Many aspiring lawyers also pursue a master’s or doctoral degree in order to advance their careers and increase their earning potential. This education allows you to specialize your work, develop specialized knowledge and skills, and expand your horizons in your career.

Your bachelor’s degree can play an important role in the career of a future lawyer, so choosing the right undergraduate major is essential. Taking courses that emphasize critical reading and writing, research, and problem-solving are essential for preparing to study law.

In addition to your undergraduate degree, you will need to pass a standardized law school admissions test known as the LSAT. This will help you predict your chances of success in law school. It can be challenging to find a place to start studying for this test, but there are many free study resources available online.

While the ABA does not currently recommend any particular subject area to prepare for advanced legal education, there are some majors that are popular among aspiring lawyers. These include English, political science, history and economics.

Psychology is another field of study that a lot of aspiring lawyers choose to focus on. Psychologists are experts at understanding how people think and react to situations, which can be useful for putting together convincing legal arguments.

There are a variety of graduate degrees that you can earn to pursue a career as a lawyer, including the juris doctor (JD) and the Master of Laws (LLM). You can also earn a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or a Doctor of Laws (DSJ) in order to focus on academic scholarship.

The DSJ is designed for law graduates who want to perform research and writing on legal issues in preparation for leadership roles or academic scholarship. It culminates in a dissertation that should advance and make a significant contribution to the field of law. Recommended this site personal injury lawyer .

This degree is generally offered as a dual or concurrent program, where you earn your JD and master’s degrees in the same course of study. Students can select a concentration, such as business, tax, law, or international law.

Some colleges and universities offer prelaw advisors to assist students in selecting a major, preparing for the LSAT, and gathering letters of recommendation. This can make the process of obtaining a law degree much easier and less stressful.

Several states, including California, Virginia, Washington and Vermont, offer alternate routes to becoming a lawyer that don’t require a JD. These alternative paths may involve a law reader, apprenticeship or baby bar exam.

The ABA does not recommend any specific subject areas for aspiring lawyers to major in, but most students do choose to major in something other than their chosen field of law studies. It is important to select a program that will provide you with a foundation in the subjects of communication, history and social sciences.

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