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Miscellaneous Moving into a New Home: The Ultimate To-Do-List

Moving into a New Home: The Ultimate To-Do-List


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You have a lot to look into and consider when you plan to move into a new house. Starting from packing which is not the only task you have to get a hold of numerous things including movers, utilities, etc which must go as planned. To get associated with your new house where you intend to shift and learn how all the systems function there and then prioritizing every thing helps you tackle all the tasks effectively. 

It’s better to perform everything perfectly when you move into the house instead of waiting and just assuming you’ll figure it all out later on. You might have a lot on your plate, so to help you we have put together the most essential things that must be done while moving into a new house.

  1. Do A Complete Walkthrough

When you are moving into a new house, there is nothing better than taking a complete overview of your house. It must be done when the house is fully empty. It is the right time to have a complete inspection of the house. In this inspection, make certain that all the agreed-upon repairs have been done. Everything which was part of the contract is present in the house. 

All items including switches, fixtures, doors, taps, etc are in working condition. The house must be cleaned and free from dust, dirt, and debris. Moreover, if you detect anything which is not by the sale contract then get in touch with your realtor to figure out what your recourse is.

  1. Check The Utilities 

You must take care of making arrangements for all the utilities to be transferred to the new house and to be set up perfectly without any issues. This must be done before you move into the new house. This way you will be sure that everything in the new house is functional and you are ready to go. The functional house will save you from last minute hassles and anxieties.

Furthermore, on the day of moving, verify that all the systems including electricity, gas, water, heating, cooling, internet, or phone are properly set up and functional. Also, call your local area waste management facility to guarantee that they have made arrangements for your new home’s garbage to be picked up daily.

  1. Perform A Deep Cleaning Session

This must be the last thing on your to-do list which must be done after you have completed the moving process. Once you are done, then clean the house thoroughly from every side and dimension. You can follow certain tips like cleaning the house from the top and then move to the lower direction. Start by cleaning the fans, ceilings, overhead fixtures, shelves, etc. 

Then move to the bottom areas room by room and clean all the rugs, furniture, appliances such as fridge, etc. Clean the floor at the last by vacuuming, and mopping thoroughly. At last, you can also use disinfectant sprays, soap, and water, so that you have a germs-free house.

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