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Doors How Do You Repair an Automatic Sliding Door?

How Do You Repair an Automatic Sliding Door?


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Whether your building is residential or commercial, if you have automated doors installed, you should carefully plan their maintenance to ensure that they continue to work for a long period. 

Your automated doors may sustain harm before they end their intended service life if you neglect to repair them. 

You can choose from a basic to an all-inclusive full maintenance program type that your local door servicing provider offers, depending on criteria like the volume of traffic and the age of the doors.


What Is Meant By Automatic Door System?

An automatic door, sometimes called an auto door, opens on its own without the assistance of a person and typically when it detects a person approaching.

 Pressure-sensing pads, infrared sensors, and microwave pulses can all identify a person.

These systems utilize cutting-edge technology to identify the movement of the automatic door’s seamless operation and accessibility in different environments.


How does the automatic door system work?

The automatic door opens when the door controller detects an activation signal from the sensor and turns on the gear motor to drive the belt and pulley. After a predetermined time, the door closes when no one is seen inside the activation area.


There are multiple reasons for an automated door not to close correctly; however, you can restore normal functionality to your door by doing some easy repairs and troubleshooting. What you should do is as follows:

Observe the sensor

When your automated door isn’t closing all the way, start by inspecting the sensor. Verify that the sensor is clear of debris and clean. The door may not close correctly if anything, like dirt or debris, obstructs the sensor. Try using a gentle cloth or brush to clean the sensor and see if it resolves the issue.


Adjust the Sensor

You can tweak the sensor if it is clear and unobstructed, but the door won’t close. The majority of automatic doors come with an adjustable screw that lets you change the sensitivity of the sensor. 

The door cannot close if the sensor is overly sensitive and detects activity outside. 

See if it helps to try altering the sensor’s sensitivity.


Check the Door’s Track

Next to look at if the sensor isn’t the issue is the door’s track. The door may not close correctly if the track becomes soiled or worn over time. 

Examine the track for damage and clean it with a gentle cloth or brush. Need to track sustained damage; it can require replacement or repair.


Lubricate the Rollers

If the track is not the problem, the rollers can be the cause. The rollers may become worn out or dusty with time, making closing the door difficult.

 Check whether it helps to lubricate the rollers using silicone spray or another comparable lubricant. 

If the rollers sustain damage, replacement may be necessary.


Check the Gearbox

The motor or gearbox may be the problem if none of the above fixes work. Please close the door and physically slide it open to inspect the gearbox and motor. 

Verify that the gearbox’s gears are in good condition and that the door opens smoothly. Replacing or repairing the motor/gearbox can be necessary if it is not operating properly.


Call a Professional

If you’ve attempted every solution listed here and your automatic door isn’t shutting completely, it is appropriate to contact an expert if you live in Phoenix, Arizona, such as commercial automatic door repair phoenix az . A skilled specialist can identify the issue and carry out the required fixes to get your door operating correctly once again.

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